Take to task for June 15

New item and fixed! Sandy Springs

We got word from a reader about a leaning pole in Sandy Springs. “This pole has been leaning over Jet Ferry Road for almost two months. It’s detached at bottom and is only being held up by the wires at the top. I’ve complained to Sandy Springs city manager with no response. It’s between Dunwoody Club Drive and Spaulding Drive and many buses travel that way,” wrote Bob Mohalley.

We sent the item to Sandy Springs and got a quick response from the city’s communications director Sharon Kraun, who said the item was fixed.

Days on list-1

Who got it fixed- Sandy Springs Communications Director Sharon Kraun, SKraun@SandySpringsga.gov

New item-Johns Creek

A reader hopes something can be done about a very slow light in one of the region’s newest cities.

“(The) dramatic reduction in left-hand turn and regular green light southbound timing on Olde Atlanta Road entering McGinnis Ferry Road has led to, no exaggeration, build-up of several miles of cars and trucks. Also, no exaggeration, it took us a timed 10 minutes to clear the intersection, heading for the Atlanta Symphony at 5 p.m. last week. Please help,” a reader wrote. We sent the item to the city, and communications manager Doug Nurse said the city was examining the issue.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: Johns Creek Communications Manager Doug Nurse, Doug.Nurse@johnscreekga.gov

New item-LaVista Road

The bane of the region seems to be potholes. One reader said a busy highway has enough of them to jar any commuter on the way to work.

“LaVista Road from Northlake area to North Druid Hills is in dreadful shape with many, many potholes. It is especially bad the closer it gets to North Druid Hills,” wrote Beth Shucker.

We sent the item to the DOT, since LaVista Road is a state highway, and will let you know the outcome.

Days on list-7

Who’s looking into it: Natalie Dale, Georgia Department of Transportation, ndale@dot.ga.go.v