SUV slams into DeKalb County house, pinning woman in closet

A woman is in the hospital after being pinned by an SUV that drove through her house Sunday afternoon.

Stephen Smith said his wife, Sharon Smith, had just taken a shower when the SUV came through the wall, pinning her in the master bedroom walk-in closet.

The accident happened sunday morning at their home on Chamblee Tucker Road.

"All of a sudden a truck came through the side of the wall, pinning her in the walk-in closet against the corner. Another 6 inches and she would have probably been killed," Stephen Smith said.

Smith said he tried rescue his wife but could not, so he called 911.

Fire crews were able to remove her from the home.

Emergency crews transported her to North Fulton Hospital's Trauma Center.

"It sounded like an explosion," he said. "I thought there was a tree that had fell on there, but then I saw a tire of the SUV and knew a car had come through the wall."

Smith said the driver was upset and tried to help him get his wife out.

"He said he fell asleep at the wheel and that he was sorry," he said.

Smith said he and his wife have lived in the house since 2001.