Smyrna seeks applicants for new Youth Council

Smyrna officials are seeking young adults to apply to their first Smyrna Youth Council.

Those chosen from among high school students in the Smyrna area will begin serving during the fall of this academic school year.

The Smyrna Youth Council will provide an opportunity for these students to learn about local government, participate in the process and communicate the needs of the community’s young people to elected officials and city staff, according to a city statement.

This first council will include between eight and 25 high school students who are able to think critically, possess potential leadership skills and have an interest in learning about the workings of local government.

Local high school administrators have been involved with city staff to develop the Youth Council.

“Whitefield Academy applauds the city of Smyrna for not only engaging our young residents in learning how local government works but giving them a voice in the future of our city as well,” said Upper School Principal Nathan Stevens at Whitefield Academy in Smyrna.

“The Smyrna Youth Council experience is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships among students from different schools and train future leaders for our community,” Stevens added.

“As the Youth Council connects our students to government in action, it will enrich their understanding of the Georgia State Standards in government,” said Campbell High School Principal Dr. Jeanne Walker.

“Student members will be able to advocate for civic responsibility among their peers and positively impact future community engagement in Smyrna. Campbell High School is excited to have this leadership opportunity to support our school vision and mission of student success,” she added.

Now open to high school students residing within the city limits or attending any high school within the city, the application process will close at 5 p.m. Sept. 12.

Interested students should apply at

Applications will be reviewed by city staff with the help of school administrators.

In January, participants in Smyrna’s Youth Council will have the opportunity to attend the Youth Delegate program of the Georgia Municipal Association and be involved in policy meetings, network with professionals and engage with members of other Georgia youth councils.

The Smyrna Youth Council will begin meeting in October and will continue for the remainder of the school year at Smyrna City Hall, 2800 King St., Smyrna.