Roswell hires consultant to assess police

After a series of incidents that did not reflect well on city police, Roswell is hiring a public safety consultant to conduct “a comprehensive assessment” of the department.

The City Council approved a $77,750 contract with the Center for Public Safety Management LLC.

“A series of issues arose over this past year prompting several internal investigations to determine responsibility and, moreover, to determine what could be occurring within the Roswell Police Department that would allow these issues to arise,” City Administrator Gary Palmer said in a memo to the council.

Two officers were fired in July after officials said they used a coin-flip app to determine if a reckless-driving suspect should be arrested. Also in July, an officer was placed on administrative leave after he reportedly left an uncooperative 13-year-old boy in a squad car on a bitterly cold January night.

The consultant will look at workload, staffing, policies and organizational structure and culture, and compare current conditions with best practices, among other tasks.