Norcross unveils new sculpture and mural art

The Norcross Public Arts Commission unveiled two new pieces of public art Sept. 30: the “Eastern Continental Divide” sculpture and “Greetings from Norcross” wall mural.

Located in Thrasher Park and designed by artist Jennifer Freeman, the Eastern Continental Divide Sculpture has a mosaic design with two intertwining streams. These convey the action of flowing water to the east and west, representing the effects of the Eastern Continental Divide.

Atomic Wash, a Norcross-based digital marketing and branding agency, has designed and donated the concept for the mural, “Greetings from Norcross.” The 16-foot wide looks like a travel postcard and covers the large red brick wall of the building that the agency shares with Paizano’s Italian Restaurant, along Wingo Street and facing the railroad tracks. The design celebrates 8 iconic people and places in the city’s history.