Need a laugh? This corny Chick-fil-A rap music video is everything

3:59 p.m Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 National/World News

Comedian Jaron Meyers has a new fan jam for Chick-fil-A lovers everywhere.

The Kansas City, Missouri, worship leader produced a hilarious rap music video as an ode to the franchise’s customer service last month.

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Appropriately titled “My Pleasure,” the video features Meyers dressed as a devoted Chick-fil-A employee going the extra mile to satisfy his customers — including mowing their lawns and saving them from burning cars.

Meyers also incorporates some light religious themes throughout the number. Here’s the hook: “It is my pleasure to serve you/We’re servin’ the chicken the Lord’s way/Unless it’s a Sunday, it’s my pleasure to serve you.”

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People were definitely into it.

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Watch the full video below:

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