MARTA parking at Lindbergh has rules

MARTA passengers who park at Lindbergh Station's Garson deck must park on the upper decks, or risk being charged a fee in the future.

MARTA has always contracted for spaces on decks four, five and six for MARTA passengers, said Jason Ward, MARTA's senior development associate, but until now no one has bothered passengers who parked on the lower decks. With the economy beginning to improve, MARTA's Lindbergh Center has seen a couple of new tenants open and possible development on the horizon, meaning more retail customers may need parking on those lower decks.

The company that runs the Garson deck now asks MARTA passengers to stick to their upper decks and keep the lower decks free for retail customers. Ward said MARTA will work to ensure that there is ample parking for the passengers. MARTA passengers may park free for up to 24 hours. Long-term parking is $8 a day.

For now, there is no fee for those who park on the wrong deck but there may be in the future. The driver's validated parking ticket can tell the parking deck machines whether the driver was a retail customer or a MARTA passenger.