MARTA driver suspended after urinating on road

A MARTA driver is serving a three-day suspension without pay after being caught on video urinating on the middle of a road from the door of his para-transit van.

A passerby captured the incident on camera and gave the recording to CBS Atlanta. The TV station then posted it on its Web site.

The witness, John Michalik, was walking near his home in Southeast Atlanta and told CBS he was "floored" when he noticed the driver relieving himself in plain view.

The video shows the driver tucking himself back into his vehicle as the camera approaches, leaving a puddle on the pavement.

"I think he probably peed on himself a little bit,” Michalik told CBS. He noted that "there are families and kids on this street," and he called the driver's behavior "really insulting and disgusting."

A spokesman for MARTA confirmed the incident happened but would not release the driver's name.

"We did suspend the guy," said the spokesman Lyle Harris. "Obviously, that's not something you're allowed to do."

Bus and train drivers have scheduled breaks and para-transit drivers, like the one in the video, can call a dispatcher when they need a break, Harris said. He said he was "99 percent certain" that no passengers were aboard the van at the time.

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