Man accused of stealing $2,400 worth of wine

The man accused of stealing high-priced wine from Costco denies the allegations, according to his attorney, Thomas Nagel.

Maximilian Edward Mamahit, 37, was jailed Tuesday evening for allegedly switching the UPC labels on three bottles of wine, according to an arrest warrant.

Then, the Atlanta man apparently hid two bottles in boxes of soap at the Costco near Cumberland Mall, in effort to pay less for the wine. Mamahit paid the store for the amount of one box of soap and the altered price on one bottle of wine, which was less than retail price.

Mamahit faces a felony shoplifting charge for exiting the store with three bottles of wine valued at nearly $2,400, according to police. He was arrested and booked into the Cobb County jail.

Mamahit was out of jail early Wednesday morning on $3,500 bond. A court date has not been set, Nagel said.

"We are confident that once the case is heard in court, the charges are going to be dropped," Nagel said Wednesday afternoon.