Lawsuit: Drunken men burn East Cobb man with fireworks

A Fourth of July pool party at an East Cobb County community ended when a fireworks display hurt a resident.

Corey Babb claims that improperly lit fireworks burned his foot, and he is now suing the two men who lit them and his Mitsy Forest Community Association.

Babb is looking to recuperate more than $22,000 of medical bills, according to the Aug. 29 lawsuit.

He claims the community association knew the "amateur firework display" was happening.

The two men he is suing, Edwin Childress and Nathaniel Jones, spent the day drinking alcohol and were under the influence when they lit the fireworks, the lawsuit alleges.

A request for comment was left with the Childress family by phone Tuesday afternoon. Jones was not immediately available. The lawsuit did not list attorneys for the men.

Babb was at the poolside neighborhood function on July 4, 2015, when he and other residents, including members of the Mitsy Forest board, gathered at the tennis courts for the show.

The first batch of fireworks went off without a hitch, but then Childress and Jones put unlit fireworks on top of already lit fireworks.

"The device fell over and began firing sparks and flaming material into the audience" hitting Babb, the lawsuit said.

He now has "some permanent disability and impairment," according to the lawsuit, along with emotional distress.

Babb is seeking a jury trial to recoup his $22,474.04 in medical expenses. And because that isn't the end of his medical costs, he'll amend the lawsuit when there's an updated bill.

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