Lawrenceville to standardize garbage collection carts

The Lawrenceville City Council voted recently to approve revisions to the Solid Waste Management and Collection Services ordinance. The changes will standardize residential carts. No permits will be issued to private companies to collect residential garbage, residential recycling and yard waste unless the city is unable to furnish the service.

The city will provide one, large 95-gallon container on wheels at no charge to all residential customers. The monthly charge will be billed at $0.00 per month for single family properties occupied by the homeowner. Rental properties will be charged $20 for service.

For residents needing more than one cart for weekly pick-up, the city will offer a premium service fee with a one-time charge for the cart and a monthly charge of $20 per month/per additional container.

The city anticipates the new carts to be delivered to customers by the end of Jan. 2020.