Lawrenceville approves gas department rebate program

The Lawrenceville Gas Department has set aside a little over $47,000 for a rebate program to encourage customers to keep and use gas appliances in their homes. The rebate program will be available until the allotted funds have been exhausted and may be terminated without notice. Lawrenceville reserves the right to adjust the rebate program from time to time, and the rebate program will be reviewed annually to make adjustments to the program.

The rebates are for existing residential Lawrenceville gas customers only and will be based on a per address/residential gas meter. Rebates can be earned for the replacement of existing gas or electric water heaters, gas furnaces as well as new or replacement natural gas dryers. Rebate applications must be submitted within 60 days of installation. Multiple rebates can be combined with a maximum rebate of $800 per customer, per year.

The program will be continuous every year, provided funds are approved in the budget. An application process will be available soon on the city’s website.