2 to 5 inches of snow fall on North Georgia mountains

A cold sun rose Saturday over two to five inches of snow blanketing the North Georgia mountains. 

The snowfall had pretty much stopped by 8 a.m. But fine specks of it were blowing around in a light, chill wind. 

For now, emergency officials in Fannin County said they've seen little in the way of power failures or injuries because of snows that fell heavy at times overnight. 

"This isn't bad," said Robert Graham, county emergency services director. "We get something like this once a year. People are used to it."

He said there were about a dozen small accidents in the county. 

That said, he worries that the snow will turn to ice today or after sundown, especially as temperatures fall into the teens. 

"As this melts at night it will turn to ice overnight and we'll have black ice issues," Graham said. 

For now he is thankful that the snow came during a weekend, saying things could be very different if there were a morning commute. 

Blue Ridge, a popular getaway location for metro Atlantans, received only about two inches of snow on the ground. Road crews salted and scrapped the main roads through the night. 

Harry Patel, who lives in a big hill, made sure to park his car st the bottom of the rise Friday night. It base for a 15 minute walk in the cold in the morning but he made it in time to open his BP station. 

"It wasn't bad," he said. 

The roads were passable, but he had seen only one customer in an hour.