Henry County student sees disciplinary record expunged

A former high school student whose disciplinary case went all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court has finally had her record expunged, four years after the incident in question ruined her senior year and graduation plans.

The student, known in court documents as S.G., had her expulsion reversed by the Henry County Board of Education in a May 29 decision, according to Michael Tafelski of the Georgia Legal Services Program, who represented the student in the case. The student was expelled in early 2014 after being involved in a fight in the last semester of her senior year. When her claims of self-defense were ignored by the school district, rulings in Henry County Superior Court as well as the Georgia Court of Appeals reversed the expulsion decision and ordered the record expunged.

But the school board appealed all the way to the state’s highest court, the first time ever that a school disciplinary case had been heard by that body.