Gwinnett logs decline in water use

Gwinnett County residents continued a trend of diminished water usage in 2009, according to figures released this week.

The county department of water resources reported average water usage was 71.3 million gallons per day in 2009 compared with 71.9 million in 2008. It was down almost 18 percent from the 86.8 million gallons used in 2007. Total usage for the year was 26 billion gallons, compared with 26.3 in 2008.

“We’ve had a wet year, but normally when a drought ends, people tend to slip back to their old habits. We’re very pleased that our customers are not doing that,” said Lynn Smarr, department director.

County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister said he wants the trend to continue.

“With our raw water supply in the hands of others," he said, "we need to be good stewards of this resource.”