Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage

Credit: Drew Angerer

Credit: Drew Angerer

They’re called fidget spinners and they are flying off the shelves.

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But Dr. Jennifer Knight, the medical director for UF Health North’s pediatric clinic, said they could cause your child to get hurt.

A Texas woman said her daughter choked on part of the spinner.

“She ended up having to have an emergency endoscopy to have it removed,” Knight said.

Knight showed us just how easily the parts of the fidget spinner can pop off.

“It can obstruct the airway, obstruct breathing and cause essentially a life-threatening situation where it could result in death,” Knight said.

Grandmother Tammy Mogck said she has four grandchildren and she will not be allowing these in her home.

“That’s a horrible invention for a child. That really is,” Mogck said.

Knight said the spinners were originally marketed as a learning tool.

“Something we might recommend, a tool for a child with ADHD or autism, anxiety, anything where they might benefit by channeling energy into a fidget,” Knight said.

Doctors said it's important for parents to monitor their kids' play, even if there isn't a warning on the device they're using.