Decatur superintendent convinces board bond needed

Decatur Superintendent Phyllis Edwards convinced the school board Tuesday to ask city commissioners to put a $75 million General Obligation Bond on the November ballot. Instead of voting the board expressed unanimous vocal agreement with Edwards after a 90-minute discussion. In February the board voted unanimously to ask for an $82 million bond, but Edwards stuck with her original figure.

“Whatever you ask for it’s still not going to meet our needs,” she said. “But I think the $75 million is easier to pass because it’s more reasonable.”

With $75 million, the annual tax increase on those owning an $150,000 home would be approximately $204, on a $300,000 home, $408, on a $500,000 home, $680 and on a $700,000 home $953.

“I want what the kids need and what [the schools] need,” said board member Annie Cailoa, who favored $82 million from the beginning. “But I’ll take the step down out of consideration for the taxpayers.”