Cops: Drug that killed 2 Gwinnett teens in 1 hour may have been meth

The unidentified drugs that killed two teenage friends in the same Lawrenceville neighborhood within an hour tested positive for methamphetamine at the scene, a Gwinnett County police report shows.

An 18-year-old male and a 19-year old male died early on the morning of May 26 after ingesting the drugs, which police described as "off white, almost gray colored" and "in a solid form similar to a pill." They may have been "laced with something fatal," the police report said.

While field tests may indicate what the drug is, police cannot conclusively identify it before other tests by the department and medical examiner are complete. Those could take months to complete, a Gwinnett County Police Department spokesperson said.

The two young men who overdosed were friends and had done drugs together in the past, their parents told police. The 18-year-old had been “battling a heroin addiction” and had used methamphetamine in the past, the police report said.

The drugs were packaged in white pieces of paper that were folded into envelope shapes, police said.

The latest information in the Gwinnett cases comes as police are investigating opioid overdose deaths of four people in the last two days in middle and south Georgia. The deaths are believed to be associated with a new drug being sold on the streets as Percocet.

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