Considerably brighter streetlights draw scattered complaints


Considerably brighter streetlights draw scattered complaints

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This is one of the first new Decatur 3000 Kelvin LED lights, recently installed in this Winnona Park neighborhood. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are definitely brighter, illuminating a far wider radius of this formerly shadowy stretch. This photo was taken around midnight. Bill Banks for the AJC.

Decatur is replacing its 1,379 mercury vapor streetlights with new LED lights, and Assistant City Manager David Junger said he’s received some complaints though responses have been mostly favorable. No one showed up to complain during Monday’s commission meeting.

The lights are considerably brighter than their predecessors, providing far better illumination of street signs, bicyclists and pedestrians, among others. Junger has said the 3000 Kelvins shed a softer light in the yellow spectrum, and they will be “more reliable without any flickering and will have a longer life.”

He added the police department believes the new lights make streets safer.

The changeover should be complete in the next few weeks. Meantime Junger advises giving the new nightime look a chance.

“After a while,” he said, “if you feel there’s a negative impact, or too much reflection, Georgia Power will come out and evaluate. They can put a shield around the sides of the fixture, allowing for a little more cutoff.”

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