Antoine Wimes convicted of murdering convenience store clerk

A Fulton County jury Wednesday convicted an 18-year-old man of murdering a convenience store clerk over a $5 t-shirt.

The verdict was returned the morning after the jury began deliberating the fate of Antoine Wimes. Superior Court Judge John Goger sentenced Wimes to life in prison plus five years.

Wimes is to go on trial again in a few weeks for allegedly shooting a family friend in the face and slamming her 1-year-old son against the wall. Both survived their attacks.

At the time, Wimes was out on bond for the death of Etus “Obi” Onyemaechi on July 13, 2008, but was wearing an ankle monitoring device to ensure he would stay at home. Police said he cut off the ankle bracelet and called someone to drive him to the house where he allegedly attacked “Nikki” Neely, Wimes’ sister’s best friend.