After suspected meddling in the 2016 elections revealed the country's weakness to cyber attacks, Georgia is stepping up its computer education courses.

Cybersecurity a major issue for Georgia PSC candidate

Johnny White is one of the three Democratic candidates in the District 3 primary race for the Public Service Commission. In a previous story covering PSC primary races, White’s issues were not included.

White, an IT professional is running his campaign around cybersecurity, protecting ratepayers data from breaches and Vogtle. He said rate payers should receive refunds for money they have paid to help underwrite cost overruns for the project.

From left to right (top): PSC 5 candidates Dawn A. Randolph, John Hitchens, Tricia Pridemore, Doug Stoner. At bottom left to right: PSC 3 candidates Johnny White, Lindy Miller and John Noel.

“Our power grid is very vulnerable to foreign attacks, and if that occurs it could have a huge economic impact on the state of Georgia,” said White.

White has not raised any contributions to his campaign, according to information on the campaign finance website.

Other candidates in the primary race include Lindy Miller and John Noel. If none of the three candidates in the race gets 50 percent of the vote, a runoff will be called. The winner between the three will face incumbent Chuck Eaton in the November general election.

Here is additional information on the PSC election. The primaries are scheduled for May 22.

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