You got in! How do you decide which college is right for you?

Georgia high school seniors accepted to multiple colleges now have to decide which school to attend.

Colleges have a stake in those decisions because their yields — the percentage of admitted students who enroll — influence ratings.

Writing today in AJC Get Schooled, expert Sara Harberson explains: “Yield is big business in college admissions…There is tremendous pressure on colleges not only to deliver acceptances this time of year, but ultimately to enroll a freshman class better than the previous year. All eyes are on May 1, the date when enrollment deposits are due. This is each college’s day of reckoning. One might argue that it’s somewhat fitting. After all, students go through so much stress applying to college, constantly wondering if they’ve done enough to prove their worth. Now it’s the colleges’ turn to show that they are worthy.”

And colleges prove their worthiness in many ways, from hand delivering acceptance letters to sending accepted students T-shirts.

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