Which Atlanta schools have the highest SAT scores?

SAT scores at most Atlanta high schools trail the state average, according to new 2016 test results released today.

Only two Atlanta high schools had combined scores above Georgia's average of 1459: Grady and North Atlanta high schools. Grady and North Atlanta also had some of the district's highest rates of students taking the SAT.

Those scores are for the “traditional” version of the SAT. Some student took a new version of the SAT. The College Board did not release school or district-level results for the new SAT because of the smaller number of students who took that test version.

Atlanta high school 2016 SAT results

School# of Test- takersCombined Score
1. Grady High School1821595
2. North Atlanta High School2581476
3. Carver Early College591370
4. Jackson High School1081318
5. Washington High School381238
6. South Atlanta School of Law and Social Justice211224
7. Therrell High School491186
8. Carver High School of Health Sciences271176
9. South Atlanta School of Computer Animation Design191175
10. Carver School of the Arts241155

Source: Georgia Department of Education. Scores are not listed for some schools because of small numbers of test-takers.

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