These Fulton County schools have the highest SAT scores

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Recently released SAT scores for 2015 indicate Georgia students are performing better on critical college entrance exams than previous years.

Georgia’s overall combined mean score is 1450,an increase of 5 points since last year. Despite the increase, the state still lags the national mean score, which was 1490 in 2015, and ranks 44th among U.S. states, according to data released Thursday by the College Board, which administers the SAT. The highest possible score is 2400.

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"These score increases … signal that more students may be prepared for college-level work," said state school Superintendent Richard Woods in a released statement.

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Here are the Fulton County high schools with the highest average SAT scores:

1. Northview High School, Johns Creek. 2015 combined average score: 1703

2. Johns Creek High School, Johns Creek. 2015 combined average score: 1616

3. Alpharetta High School, Snellville. 2015 combined average score: 1614

4. Milton High School, Alpahretta. 2015 combined average score: 1603

5. Cambridge High School, Milton. 2015 combined average score: 1596

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