Student accused of sexual assault at all-boys school suspended

A student accused of sexually assaulting another student at a public all-boys school in Atlanta has been suspended.

The assault was reported last week at BEST Academy and involved two students at the school, a school district spokeswoman said.

Police and the school district have declined to provide additional information about the incident.

But one student's parents told Fox 5 Atlanta that their son was attacked in a school bathroom.

The child's mother told Fox5 that the alleged attacker told him, "If you tell anyone, I will kill you.

"I send him to school to learn and be safe. You expect him to be safe because it is a school. You don't expect nothing like that to happen in the school. Where was security?" the boy's father said.

A tribunal hearing has been recommended for the student accused of the attack, who will not return to BEST Academy after spring break, Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Alicia Lurry said. There have been no other sexual assaults reported at the school this year, she said.