State report card indicates slight decline for Henry County

New school report card data released by the state Tuesday show scores slightly down in schools in Henry County.

The Georgia Department of Education on Tuesday released the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), based on data from the 2013-2014 school year.

For Henry County high schools, the score was 67.9 for 2014 compared to 70.5 the year before; for middle schools, the score was 77.4 in 2014, and 79.7 the previous year. With elementary schools, the score in 2014 was 77 while in 2013, it was 78.1.

The highest score a school can earn is 110. According to the data, the top-scoring Henry County schools were:

1. New Hope Elementary 89.8

2. Woodland Middle School 88.6

3. Union Grove Middle 88.2

4. Luella Elementary School 87.6

5. Dutchtown Middle School 86.9

6. Stockbridge Elementary School 86

7. East Lake Elementary 85.6

8. Rock Spring Elementary 85.1

9. Woodland Elementary School 84.9

10. Union Grove High 84.7

Here's a link to the data on metro area schools at Check back with the AJC for a searchable database of state school scores and analysis of the scores throughout the day.