State may offer new math courses using old-school approach

Georgia school districts may soon have a choice on how teach high school math, following a vote today by the state board of education.

The board, which sets education policy, took the first steps toward approving "traditional" courses in algebra and geometry, a signal they will allow districts to pick which approach to high school math they will use.

Educators, parents and school leaders have been vocal about their opposition to the state’s current “integrated” approach to math, which blends three disciplines such as geometry, algebra and data probability in one course. In response, the state developed new courses using the old-school, single discipline approach.

The proposed courses will be open for public comment before going before the board for final approval in February.

“We’ve had surveys, we’ve had public hearings and we’ve heard from our teachers and our stakeholders, especially the teachers, that they wanted an option,” said chairwoman Helen Odom Rice. “Now we’re offering those options.”

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