Some Lakeside seniors who walked did not graduate, officials say

Ten seniors who walked in Lakeside High School's graduation exercise on May 21 were told recently they did not fulfill requirements to receive a diploma after delayed Georgia Milestones test scores were tabulated.

District officials initially said three students failed after the Milestones scores were factored in.

They were among 208 students who were inadvertently given paper exams for the Georgia Milestones test. District officials said 93 of those students needed to perform well on the exam to guarantee graduation. State Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza said the expectation was that seniors would take the online version of the test so results would be ready by graduation.

Cardoza said those results posted for district officials on May 23.

Georgia Milestones testing has come under fire this year with districts across the state reporting problems with taking the tests as state officials try to move the test online. Some had bandwidth issues. Others were randomly logged out of the state system, losing any unsaved work.