Some get exercised over yoga in Georgia classrooms

May 26, 2017
Kent Johnson/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Kindergarten students at Bob Mathis Elementary School do yoga with instructor Sedef Dion earlier this month. Students at the school in DeKalb County get yoga as part of their unstructured time during the day. Administrators and teachers say their students exposed to yoga are more focused, and some students themselves have found it helps with their classwork. A small but growing number of metro Atlanta schools have embraced yoga, though it triggered litigation in Cobb County, where a lawsuit says Christian parents at one school complained that it endorses a non-Christian belief system. KENT D. JOHNSON / AJC

Despite a backlash last year by some parents against yoga being taught in a Cobb County elementary school, the ancient Eastern practice has been quietly embraced as a teaching aid by other metro Atlanta school districts.

Those who use it say it is a healthy way for students to release tension and relax their minds.

Bob Mathis elementary school principal, Dawn Blackwell, introduced yoga into her Cobb County school to calm down disruptive student

Those who have concerns have cited the fact that yoga is rooted in religion and say you can’t separate the religion from the practice.

The Cobb County School District event led to a lawsuit, but many other schools are quieting incorporating the slow exercise and stretching routines into classes.

“If it helps our children in some way, I’m very much in favor of it,” DeKalb Superintendent Steve Green said in an interview in early May.

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