Some Emory students push back on “fear” over Trump messages

Another chapter is rolling out at Emory University, after last week’s messages supporting Donald Trump were written on chalk on the Atlanta school’s sidewalks.

The scrawled messages upset some students, sending about 50 of them protesting to administration offices, and leading some to complain of being targeted and even fearful. That reaction was widely panned in the American press as an oversensitive and even silly reaction, and Emory’s administration was seen as coddling to protesters.

University President Jim Wagner chalked up his own message on the sidewalk, saying “Emory stands for free expression,” last Friday. A video of the event was publicized today on the website of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Wagner did his writing after another student group called Young Americans for Liberty and a group of Emory alumni began pushing for Emory to support free speech rights on campus and even lift some restrictions on speech that YAL call “restrictive.”

The alum have started a Facebook page, which you can read here.