Parent’s homework rebellion goes viral

Bunmi Laditan, a mother, author, blogger and contributor to Huffington Post, got plenty of support after pushing back against her daughter’s homework load last week.

“Hello Maya’s teachers,” she started in a letter published on Facebook.

“Maya will be drastically reducing the amount of homework she does this year. She’s been very stressed and is starting to have physical symptoms such as chest pain and waking up at 4 a.m. worrying about her school workload.”

Then she posted: “My kid is done with homework. I just sent an email to her school letting her know she's all done. I said "drastically reduce" but I was trying to be polite because she's finished.”

Laditan went on to talk about the importance of family time and asked if we were trying to turn kids into mini workaholics.

Maya “is in school from 8:15 a.m.- 4 p.m. daily,” Latidan wrote, “so someone please explain to me why she should have two-three hours of homework to do every night?

“How does homework until 6:30, then dinner, then an hour to relax (or finish the homework) before bed make any sense at all?”

Her post got 72,000 views, and 20,000 people shared it their friends.