Mixing business, good will: Berry College entrepreneurs print 3D prosthetic hands

Two Berry College students who created software that prints 3D prosthetic hands recently won a pitch contest and are headed to an entrepreneurs conference.

Seniors Josh Cutter and Chris Whitmire are creators of Ambedo, a software platform that prints customized plastic hands for people who have lost a hand or were born without one. The entrepreneurs won first place and $2,000 at the Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference Venture Pitch Competition March 4 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Whitmire and Cutter have been working on the program for quite some time. There is already a Marietta, Ga., boy who is wearing a hand thanks to their work.

As first place winners, they head to a major entrepreneurship conference in Nashville. The conference is the Southeast’s premier technology conference for entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders from across the country. The event showcases the top early- and growth-stage startups that are driving innovation in traditional industries and positioning the region to lead the country’s next wave of entrepreneurship.

Two Berry College students, Chris Whitmire and Josh Cutter, invented software to produce a low-cost, easy, fast prosthetic hands on a 3-D printer anywhere.

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Whitmire, a physics major and creative technologies minor and Cutter, a business major and creative technologies minor, are in Professor Paula Englis’ advanced entrepreneurship class. Atlanta entrepreneur Jeff Jahn, who is a Berry alum and advisor to the Berry entrepreneurship program, recently gave $5,000 to start the "Ninja Fund" which allows Englis to offer more opportunities like the Chattanooga conference trip.