Is a job in the biomedical industry for you?

By Hunter Lacey

1. Do you have an interest in science and want to explore careers in the health care area?

2. Does the body system and the way it functions interest you?

3. Do you find yourself excited by changes in technology in a work environment?

4. Does the prospect of a fast-paced workspace entice you?

5. Do you enjoy the idea of helping others, even if not through direct contact?

6. Are you bored by everyday routines, such as performing the same tasks at work?

7. Are you interested in the ways medicine is stored and transported?

8. Would you rather work with others than by yourself?

9. Have friends described you as meticulous or obsessed with details?

10. Is earning competitive pay but in a fulfilling line of work a priority?

If you answered “yes” to five or more of these questions, the bioscience industry is calling your name!

Biomedical professionals take blood samples, study the way medicine is stored, sell medical equipment and even analyze DNA samples, and that’s only a few of the types of jobs available in the industry.

This issue of EDU Atlanta offers a lot of information about bioscience careers and the education you'll want in order to work in in the field, so read on.