Getting into Georgia Tech is getting harder

Hundreds of Georgia high school seniors found out this weekend if they will be Yellow Jackets in the fall. Georgia Tech released its regular decision admits Saturday

Between the early action students who found out in January and today’s regular decision admissions, 7,297 students were offered a slot at Georgia Tech this year. Georgia Tech saw a 3 percent increase in applications, for a total of 31,484.

The overall admit rate is 23 percent, meaning Tech admitted slightly more than two out of every 10 applicants. Last year, the rate was 25 percent. However, the admit rate is higher for Georgia applicants; 44 percent of in-state applicants earned admission.

The average ACT of a student admitted to Tech this year is 33. The highest ACT score possible is a 36. The average ACT score in Georgia is 21.1.

The average SAT of a student admitted to Tech this year is 1458, out of 1600. The average SAT score in Georgia is 976. The average number of college-level courses taken by admitted students is 10.6.

To read more about who got into Tech, go to the AJC Get Schooled blog.

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