Georgia Tech receives $30M Kendeda Fund grant for green building

Georgia Tech has received a $30 million commitment from The Kendeda Fund to build what is expected to be the most environmentally advanced education and research building in the Southeast.

The building will be integrated into Georgia Tech’s Eco-Commons, a series of campus green spaces designed to conserve natural resources and provide educational and recreational uses for the community. The building is expected to meet the rigorous Living Building Challenge 3.0 environmental sustainability building performance standards. The project is also expected to help Georgia Tech manage stormwater runoff and help protect drinking water sources.

The $30 million grant is The Kendeda Fund’s largest single grant, and among the largest construction grants received by Georgia Tech. Most of the funding, $25 million committed to Georgia Tech over the next several years, will fund all of the project’s design and construction costs. The remaining $5 million will be used to support programming activities.

With approval from the state Board of Regents, Georgia Tech hopes to begin construction on the building in 2017, with an opening goal of late 2018. Building certification is planned for 2020.