Georgia’s school report card comes out Monday

Georgia’s latest grades for its schools and school districts come out Monday, but using them to gauge progress made in your child’s classroom may not be clear-cut.

The goal in establishing the new scorecard was to give parents a straightforward, simple way to know if a school or district was doing a good job. But after the first year’s scores, for 2011-2012, the scoring formula changed.

It wasn’t giving enough weight, some superintendents complained, to real academic progress. Even with the changes, some say it still doesn’t.

Because of the changes in how the ratings are calculated, the latest scores, for the 2012-2013 school year, are expected to be lower than the first round. And the rating system could see further revision.

But how much can any kind of number truly indicate the quality of education taking place in your child’s school? That is still the big question.

Read about it Monday in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and look for the complete set of scores on