Fulton school board members to take up gun bills

Fulton County school board members are expected to discuss two controversial gun bills passed by state lawmakers earlier this year.

Both House Bill 60 and House Bill 826, which went into effect July 1, are on the board's agenda for Tuesday's meeting at the district's administrative center in South Fulton.

In May, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens confirmed House Bill 826 did not legalize so-called "campus carry," despite assertions by some gun rights supporters that it did.

Advocates for legally carrying guns on college and university campuses said House Bill 826, which otherwise would no longer force officials to expel or suspend students caught with a fishing knife or baseball bat on school grounds, also implicitly allowed licensed gun holders to carry weapons on college grounds statewide.

Olens, however, noted in an online legal FAQ that campus carry is explicitly banned under an overriding piece of legislation. House Bill 60 has garnered international attention and expands where Georgians may legally carry firearms with some conditions, including into public schools, bars, churches and government buildings.