Fulton leaders expect 7 new proposed charter schools

Fulton County schools leaders expect seven new proposed charter schools to petition for operation in the 2017-18 school year.

District leaders shared the announcement at a school board meeting this week as part of an annual report of the system's charter schools. Fulton has eight autonomous charter schools that serve approximately 4,000 students.

The annual report informs the Fulton school board about charter schools’ operations and their performance in enrollment, academic performance, governance compliance and financial standing.

The report found that charter governing boards are “hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff and are meeting expectations for minimum federal programming.” All charter schools are also in good standing financially.

Academically, two schools facing “serious challenges” are Hapeville Middle School and Hapeville Career Academy, according to the report.

In fall 2016, the new charter Georgia High School for Accelerated Learning will open to approximately 239 students, Fulton officials say.

The Fulton system is the fourth-largest in Georgia, with about 96,000 students and 101 schools.