Didn't get your car tag notices? You still have to pay

So you own a car in Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Hall or Henry county and your birthday falls in October or November, and you never got a renewal notice?

The state is working on a fix, but you can still be penalized for paying late.

In October, the Georgia Department of Revenue acknowledged and announced that the vendor contracted to print and mail renewal notices on behalf of those counties, “has been faced with several operational and production related issues and therefore unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. This has resulted in a severe delay in the mailing of notices to vehicle owners.”

William Gaston, a spokesman for the DOR, said Wednesday that the agency has found another vendor to produce the annual renewal notices.

“As details are finalized for future mailings with the new vendor, we wanted to inform registrants with December renewal deadlines that they will not be receiving the standard detailed registration renewal document this year,” Gaston said in a statement.

The DOR also stressed that not getting the mail reminder will not get you a reprieve from your local tax commissioner.

The notices, according to the DOR, not required.