DeKalb Schools rehires one bus driver fired in sickout aftermath

A DeKalb County School District bus driver returned to work Monday, several weeks after at least seven were fired by Superintendent Steve Green for promoting or encouraging a sickout that crippled transportation operations.

District officials confirmed one of several drivers who received hand-delivered notes signed by Green was again working for the district. No reason was given for the about-face. None of the other drivers was rehired, officials said Tuesday.

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School district officials said seven drivers were initially terminated for either promoting or encouraging the sickout, with Green calling it an “illegal” organizing effort. Supporters and fired school bus drivers put that number at 10.

The sickout saw nearly 400 of the district's 900 school bus drivers call out of work April 19, the first of three days where drivers stayed home to bring awareness to concerns with pay, benefits and treatment.