DeKalb Schools’ reassigned principals mostly return to teaching, retire

Four principals removed from their seats at DeKalb County elementary schools in May by Superintendent Steve Green will become teachers at different schools in the district.

Three others accepted new administrative positions. Two others retired.

Green said he was reassigning nine principals with hopes that new leadership would lead to better student outcomes.

District officials said former principals Ledra Jemison, Ethan Suber, Dominique Terrell and Karen Williams accepted teacher contracts. Michael Williamson became an instructional technology manager, Zack Phillips will be a coordinator in the early childhood division and Rodney Mallory will be an assistant principal.

Terry Segovis and Sylvia Pilson retired from the school district.

As of July 10, district officials said there were 16 principal vacancies and 12 assistant principal vacancies.

Superintendent Steve Green said during the Board of Education meeting on July 10 that the district was in the final stages of filling those vacancies, with many finalists waiting to be interviewed by him.

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