Decatur officials, too, want DeKalb Schools to approve tax district

Add the Decatur City Commission to the growing list of supporters of a tax allocation district that would fund infrastructure improvements for the shuttered General Motors site off Interstate 85.

A resolution was passed during the commission’s Monday night meeting imploring the DeKalb County School District to approve participation in the Doraville TAD.

So far, school district leadership has declined to participate in the project.

“The city of Decatur supports Doraville’s due diligence and planning efforts and finds that a tax allocation district, with DeKalb County School District participation, is in the best interest of the region,” the resolution states.

The DeKalb County Board of Education has engaged recently in sessions to gain more understanding of the tax district. A letter was sent to the developer seeking answers to some questions and concerns.

TADs are areas where property tax collections are frozen while the area is developed. Future increases in property tax values and collections, such as school taxes, do not go to government coffers for a period of years, but are used to repay bonds for infrastructure improvements for the development, such as streets and sewer. After a number of years, the local governments return to collecting the new, and theoretically higher, tax revenue.