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9 jobs fitting for those with the INFJ personality type

By mid-career, many professionals may have been asked by a potential employer to take some form of personality test. You might even have done it as a part of a team-building exercise on the job.

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According to, one in five Fortune 1,000 companies uses personality testing in the hiring process. The most popular of these tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which sorts people into 16 personality types.

Just like in astrology, each personality type has its own strengths, tendencies and growth opportunities. Knowing this information can actually be helpful in choosing the right career path.

One of the personality types on the Myers-Briggs scale is INFJ. It stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgment. INFJs only make up about 2% of the general population and are considered to be the rarest of all the personality types. According to Myers-Briggs, INFJs are compassionate, inspiring and love to help others. They are also known for being determined, creative, sensitive and idealistic.

If you're interested in figuring out your personality type, you can take the Myers-Briggs assessment for a fee. If you're just looking to dip your toe into personality types, you can take a similar, shorter test for free through

If you turn out to be an INFJ, here are some jobs that ZipRecruiter and Indeed recommend for your personality type:

  • Professor – Because INFJs are passionate about helping others learn and grow, any role that places them in a teaching capacity could make them feel fulfilled. As professors, they are also able to read their students and break things down if they sense confusion.
  • Psychologist – INFJs can use their ability to read and understand people to become gifted psychologists. Listening and engaging with patients should align directly with this personality type and, because they love order and structure, creating patient treatment plans and helping to establish stability would come naturally to an INFJ.
  • Designer – The concept of bringing different elements together to create a work of art is in the DNA of an INFJ. Designers need to understand the needs of their clients to deliver the best product and this personality type will have a leg up due to their strong intuition.
  • Non-profit Worker or Advocate – An INFJ is nothing if not passionate. When they have strong feelings about a cause, they will work hard to bring about change. Whether social justice, legal aid or environmental causes, you're likely to run into an INFJ in one of these roles.
  • Scientist – Working independently in thoughtful, solo environments can appeal to an INFJ. Being able to learn and make discoveries should keep them engaged and excited on the job. For these reasons, all varieties of science-based careers typically work for this personality type.
  • Human Resources Professional – Attention to detail, advocating for employees and coaching new hires through the onboarding process are just a few of the job details that fit well with the INFJ skill set. There are also several administrative tasks in this career path that would tap into their organizational skills.
  • Writer – Understanding and expressing their feelings about the world around them is easy for an INFJ. Writing taps into their ability to think deeply and be creative on their own terms. INFJs appreciate their independence and writing, especially in a freelance capacity, can give them the freedom they need.
  • Counselor – The ability to show empathy and compassion make INFJs very well suited for counseling roles. Whether in a school, an independent mental health practice or a medical facility, an INFJ in a counseling role would be able to understand their clients in a deep, meaningful way.
  • Librarian – Peace and quiet call to the INFJ and a library is one of the top places to find both. Librarians also have an opportunity to interact with members of the community and provide guidance to visitors.

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