Jobs in Georgia, a tale of awful losses and a sometimes stunning recovery

The economy was on a steady roll heading through the winter of 2020 when the pandemic struck. In a couple of devastating and frightening months, Georgia hemorrhaged more than a half-million jobs.

After that, the coronavirus came and went in sometimes deadly waves — along with sometime bitter debates about how to fight it — but the economy has mounted a continuous comeback.

By the end of December, the state’s economy was about 16,500 jobs shy of the pre-pandemic level while the Georgia unemployment rate had fallen to a historic low.

-- Michael E. Kanell, AJC

Georgia job changes by month: 2019-21
The number of jobs added or lost to the Georgia economy each month. NOTE: Numbers shown are in thousands.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
No. of Georgia jobs by month: 2019-21
The total number of jobs in the Georgia economy.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Georgia unemployment rate by month: 2019-21
The unemployment rate, which soared at the start of the pandemic, has fallen since then to historic lows in Georgia. The calculation includes people who are not working but only if they are actively looking for a job.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Georgia labor force by month: 2019-21
The labor force includes everyone in Georgia who either has a job or is actively searching for a job. (Which means, it doesn’t include people who are retired, disabled, too young to work, full-time students, stay-at-home parents, given up on looking, etc.)
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics