How every neighborhood in Atlanta voted in the November 7, 2017 Mayoral election

Saurabh Datar, Jonathan Cox and Emily Merwin

Democrat Jon Ossoff may have gotten nearly half the votes cast in the District 6 special election yesterday. But the run-off in June will be much different.

To get a sense of what how the run-off election could look like, we combined all of the Republican votes into one entity. We did the same for Democrats.

When we analyzed these numbers, the Republicans emerged the winner — but barely so. They managed a 51 percent vote share, while Democrats got 49 percent of the total votes.

The map below shows how each precinct in District 6 voted, by party. It gives an indication of what Ossoff will be up against in the June runoff against Republican Karen Handel. Tap or mouse over a precinct to view results, or enter an address to zoom to that area.

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