Fake guard accused of stealing $63K from check cashing store

Gwinnett County police say a man posing as an armored guard walked away with tens of thousands of dollars. The suspect is behind bars as investigators attempt to link him to other similar crimes.

Witnesses showed Channel 2's Tony Thomas surveillance video of the suspect dressed in a Dunbar Security uniform. The suspect is seen walking into the check cashing store, and calmly walking out with $63,000.

Employees in the Envios De Dinero store on S. Norcross Tucker Rd. say they never suspected the armored car guard was a fake until it was too late. A witness told Channel 2's Tony Thomas most people didn't realize anything was wrong until an employee came out saying, "Hey he's not from Dunbar!"

The suspect drove away in a dark blue car. Gwinnett County police say once the real Dunbar Security employee arrived, they recognized the suspect as a former employee. The suspect knew all the procedures, and even signed the log.

Investigators say signing that log was a crucial mistake.

“He actually signed with a false signature on the first few lines, then it appears he maybe signed with his true signature, and then went back over with his false signature,” said Cpl. Jake Smith.

It wasn’t long before police tracked down Marcus Trombetta, and recovered $55,000 along with a gun.

“There’s still an investigation into whether he tried to pull this at other locations,” said Smith. “He was also employed by Loomis since his separation from Dunbar.”

Trombetta is in being held in jail without bond.