H.S. yearbook includes section on teen parents

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An Arizona yearbook is causing an uproar after the book's editor decided to include two pages focusing on a pregnant student and other teen parents.

According to azcentral.com, two pages, entitled "I'm working a double shift," out of the yearbook's 255 pages show photos and have a write up about how hard it is to be a teen parent and stay in school.

But parents who don't think the teen parents should be put on the same level as those who have won awards or participate in extracurricular activities, voiced their concerns and complants with the principal according to azcentral.com.

KFDX reported the yearbook's editor defended her decision.  Diana Ramos said she included the pages to inspire any student who struggles.

KSAZ interviewed another yearbook staff member who said the teen parents aren't usually featured as much as others in yearbooks because they don't have the time because of their children to go to high school events like homecoming.

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The district did release a statement to KSAZ saying the books commemorate students' school activities and that the teen parenting is a reflection of choices made outside of the school day.

The statement added that the school will use the feedback over the two pages to help determine future yearbook content.