Key facts about the NRA’s new Georgian president

The National Rifle Association elected Carolyn Meadows of Marietta as its new president this week. Here are some key things to know about the new leader in the gun-rights group.

  • She grew up in what was then rural Cobb County, where she and her siblings learned early to shoot guns.
  • An 8th grade teacher assigned her to write a paper on Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom her father did not like. She asked for a different assignment, which ended up being a classroom debate with the teacher on FDR . "I cleaned his clock," Meadows said.
  • The 80-year-old is retired from Lockheed-Martin, where she was a buyer for the employee store.
  • She was an early Republican operative, volunteering for former Congressman Bo Callaway's gubernatorial campaign in 1966 by knocking on doors.
  • State Republicans elected Meadows to a number of local and state party seats, including service as Georgia's National Chairwoman for 12 years.
  • She has been an NRA board member and officer since 2003.
  • Meadows is the second vice chairman of American Conservative Union, a grassroots organizing and lobbying organization.
  • She chairs the board of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, the agency charged with overseeing the park.
  • Meadows is a member of the National Council for Policy, an influential conservative think tank.
  • She says she is "lucky" in that she doesn't need much sleep.

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