Duluth woman dies after being stabbed by son in September

A Duluth man was charged Thursday with murdering his mother after she died from a brutal September stabbing.

Sheila Kirk, 61, died in Gwinnett Medical Center Wednesday from wounds she received when stabbed with a eight-inch-long knife on Sept. 25, authorities said.

Police took out a felony murder warrant on Clayton Kirk, whose family says has schizophrenia, said Maj. Don Woodruff of Duluth police.

Officer S. Parrish said he found Sheila Kirk in a pool of blood in a cul-de-sac off of Sidney Lanier Boulevard on Sept. 25.

“I asked her if she knew who stabbed her and she said my son did,” Parrish wrote in the incident report. “She said he was schizophrenic but he was taking his meds.”

Kirk’s family told Channel 2 Action News that a psychiatric facility recently released him one day before the attack despite their objection because they feared he would become violent.

When he appeared before a judge on Sept. 29, he didn’t appear to understand why he was in jail, the news station reported.

“Every time we talk to him the first thing he asks us is ‘Is Mom okay?’ ” his sister Kenya Kirk told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas. “He is in tears. ‘How bad did I hurt her?’”

Kenya Kirk and father Ron Kirk told the news station that Clayton Kirk is diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia.

Authorities said the knife sliced though vital organs and family said in September the knifing caused her to lose one kidney and the other organs began shutting down.

Police arrested Clayton Kirk at his home where he had to be talked out of the house the same day of the stabbing. He admitted to stabbing his mother in the stomach and said he washed the knife and returned it to its proper drawer afterwards, said Officer K. Day in an incident report.

“He advised he was fed up with her,” Day wrote in the report as to why Kirk committed the act.