Two men arrested in shooting death of 13 year old

Two Clayton County teens showed no emotion as they appeared in court Thursday afternoon on charges that they gunned down a 13-year-old after a foiled car theft earlier this week.

Gilberto Gomez, Jr., and Sergio Reyes Alvear, both 18, were arrested late Wednesday night and charged in the shooting death of Steven Galindo Diaz.

Police said the two were enamoured by a souped-up pick-up truck belonging to Steven’s sister and decided to take it from the brother and sister at gunpoint. The suspects became erratic when the truck wouldn’t start and attacked it, shooting and beating the vehicle, police said.

“And if they couldn’t get it, they made the decision that no one else would have it either,” Clayton County Police Maj. Johnny Robinson told 95.5 FM and AM 750 News/Talk WSB

Gomez was the gunman, and Alvear swung a bat at the vehicle when the duo robbed Steven and his 22-year-old sister, Samaria Diaz, late Monday night, police said.

The men are each charged with felony murder, theft by receiving stolen property, multiple counts of aggravated assault, armed robbery, and second-degree criminal damage of property, Clayton County jail records show.

Both were denied bond during their first appearance Thursday.

Police said the shotgun used in the shooting was reported stolen in 2012 in Cobb County.

Investigators canvasing the community were able to track down Gomez, and he eventually pointed them to Alvear, Robinson said.

“The shooter actually finally confessed to the incident and implicated the other gentleman being there, also,” Robinson said.

Steven was outside around 10:30 p.m. Monday helping his sister prepare the truck her boyfriend gave her for its first official drive.

Samaria Diaz said a she had just gotten the customized Chevrolet Silverado registered and insured earlier that day.

“Steven had just put the (license) tag on and was putting air in the tires for me,” she said.

Police say the special butterfly doors, that swing up to open rather and out, is what attracted the would-be car thieves.

“Because of the doors on the truck, they thought they would enjoy the vehicle,” Robinson said.

Diaz said the men drove up in a burgundy SUV, snatching her necklaces and demanding cash and her truck keys at gunpoint.

Alvear tried to drive the truck away, but it wouldn’t start, police said.

“One raised his shotgun at the truck and fired,” Diaz said. “The other one started hitting the truck and smashing the window with a baseball bat.”

Diaz said she and her brother had been backing away from the gunman when Steven was hit.

“He shouted, ‘I’ve been shot,’” Diaz said. “I was holding him in my arms when he died.” Robinson said neither Alvear nor Gomez seemed sorry that a child died because of their actions.

“Everything at this point indicates that they did know that they shot the kid,” Robinson said. “There has not been any remorse shown at this point.”

Investigators believe there may be another suspect who remains at large.

“We do have some leads, and it is a great possibility that a third suspect is involved,” Robinson said.

The Chik-fil-A franchise at 4959 Jonesboro Road in Forest Park will host a fund raising drive called “Dollars for Diaz” on Wednesday from 4 to 9 p.m. to serve as a point of collection for people wanting to donate money to help pay for Steven’s funeral and burial costs.

A portion of the restaurant sales from the day will go towards the costs as well, restaurant officials said.

A yard sale will be held Saturday starting at 9 a.m., at the soccer field behind Living Faith Tabernacle at 5880 Old Dixie Road, adjacent to the apartment complex where Steven was shot.